2017 Block 41 syrah rosé / 6 bottles

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Released August 2017

Get in quick as there are very limited stocks of this handpicked debut wine.  Grabbed off a rocky ridge in warm conditions in the morning of 15 March and foot stomped that afternoon, by the evening it was pressed and fermenting.  A delicious fresh wine which smells sweet on the nose, but is bone dry.  With balanced acidity, it has a contrasting palate of strawberries and cream and a mouth finish of lychee.

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After a succession of February vintages, a cold wet winter (and spring) delayed this season’s budburst until 20 September 2016.  A mild summer saw verasion also commence later, on 28 January, allowing a long ripening period.

This parcel was hand picked in warm conditions on 15 March, at 12.5 baumé (sugar). Traditional footstomping within two hours. allowed us to maximise saignée (free run), minimize skin contact and start immediate fermentation.

The result is a bone-dry wine made in the tradition of our French ancestry. Pale pink and good acidity, lower in alcohol.  A perfect accompaniment to fish, salads, tapenades and light pasta dishes.