The Single Vineyard Shiraz was first made in 2010 and is drawn exclusively from Block 41 on Spring Gully Road.  We typically use only 10-15 per cent of the total crop for the Single Vineyard Shiraz, the vast majority of the fruit has gone to some famous wine companies, for 10 years it was contracted to Leasingham (then Hardy’s), then Penfolds (TWE) and now Kilikanoon Wines.  In most seasons the Single Vineyard Shiraz comes predominantly from parts of rows 42-50, in the upper reaches (465-472m) of the vineyard.  In certain years we add a single parcel of small, highly-intense, fruit from the rocky ridge in rows 4-8, to give the wine greater depth of colour.  While there are natural seasonal variations, the wine is consistently black fruits-driven with plum, blackberries and soft chocolate flavours. We have reduced tannin influences in latter vintages through variations in pressing, extraction and whole bunch fermentation techniques. The wine’s style has also evolved over the years with increasing use of large-format older French oak which reveals subtle vanilla, ash, cigar and black pepper.

Tasting notes:

2019 ‘Due for release 2021’

Due for release spring 2021.

Harvest: 20 February (hand picked)
Average bunch weight: 43.65 grams
Baumé: 13.8o
pH: 3.6
T/a: 9.7
Bottled: July 2020
Alcohol: 13.8% v/v
Cellar: Until 2034 when cellared well.
Goes with: mature cheese, robust proteins and well dressed salads.

2018 ‘Due for release 2020’

The 2018 season produced our best quality shiraz ever.

The season was characterised by both a wet winter (2017) and a dry spring.  This resulted in a well balanced crop of outstanding quality.  Just 20mm of rain fell in January and February, in the lead up to harvest, and with supplementary irrigation this ensured ideal ripening conditions.

Eight parcels of fruit were hand harvested on 25 February and kept separate for five individual ferments, using wild yeast from the vineyards. The wine was kept on skins for 28 days and then matured in all French and predominantly old oak (one new puncheon was introduced to the inventory).  The wine was aged for 10 months.

The wine was racked twice prior to bottling in July 2019 but was neither fined nor filtered.  Suitable for vegans.

Due for release spring 2020.

Harvest: 25 February (hand picked)
Average bunch weight: 75.27 grams
Baumé: 13.1o
pH: 3.64
T/a: 6.7
Bottled: 18 July 2019
Alcohol: 13.8% v/v
Cellar: Until 2040, when kept well
Goes with: lean red meat, lightly spiced dishes, medium to strong cheese.

2017 Single Vineyard Shiraz

The 2017 Clare Valley vintage was characterised by a very wet spring.  Some 198mm fell in September alone, four times the monthly average.  As a result of this excess moisture, average bunch weights (but not bunch numbers) were 114.2 grams, almost 30% higher than normal.  The result is a more opulent style than usual.

Four parcels of fruit were hand harvested on the morning of 22 March in mild 23C conditions at 13.8 Baumé.  The fruit was vinified in open top vats with natural yeasts from the vineyard.  We adjusted for the larger berries by using 30% whole bunch and leaving the ferment on skins for 28 days.  The wine was then matured in 100% French oak, predominantly old barriques and puncheons, but with some new oak, for 10 months.  The wine was racked twice prior to bottling but neither fined nor filtered.

Harvest: 22 March (hand picked)
Average bunch weight: 114.2 grams
Baumé: 13.8o
pH: 3.54
T/a: 6.16
Bottled: 9 April 2018.
Alcohol: 13.9% v/v
Cellar: Until 2038 when cellared well
Goes with: beef, chicken, lamb and veal mild and full flavoured cheeses.

2016 Single Vineyard Shiraz

The 2016 growing season was challenging, with 32 days above 34C. Picking was on 17 February, our earliest harvest ever and clear evidence of a changing climate. Through organic practices, particularly minimum tillage and midrow herbage retention, Block 41 has begun to thrive in these hot years. While the fruit reaches full ripeness earlier in these temperatures, it is able to do it without raising alcohol levels and suffering low acids. We hand picked three parcels, basket pressed and fermented them separately in open top vats. They were matured in old and new French oak for nine months. The result is a balanced wine full of plum fruits, pepper and woody spice.  Wine Companion gives 96 points, Wine Front gives 95 points.

Harvest: 17 February (hand picked)
Average bunch weight: 65.3 grams
Baumé: 13.5o
pH: 3.62
T/a: 4.70
Bottled: 3 March 2017.
Alcohol: 13.8% v/v
Cellar: Until 2040 when cellared well
Goes with: Goes with: veal, beef and lamb, mild and full flavoured cheeses.

2013 Single Vineyard Shiraz

The 2013 vintage was notable for a hot January, followed by mild conditions leading into an early harvest on 27 February. This allowed us to combine fruit parcels from different ends of Block 41, sandy loam over red clay on quartzite ridges (north) and terra rossa [loam over limestone] soils (middle). A small parcel of fruit was carefully selected and matured in old and new French oak for 14 months. The result is a powerful wine full of chocolate, mulberry, clove and woody spice.  Wine Companion gives 90 points.

Harvest: 27 February
Average bunch weight: 62.9 grams
Baumé: 14.0o
pH: 3.80
T/a: 6.5
Alcohol: 14.5% v/v
Bottled: December 2014.
Cellar: Until 2023 with care
Goes with: mild and full flavoured cheese, veal, beef and lamb

2012 Single Vineyard Shiraz

This was a great year, especially after the disappointment of 2011. A wine completely made in the vineyard. After weeks of mild weather, harvest was on 20 March in perfect conditions. A parcel of fruit was carefully selected and matured in new and old French oak for 14 months producing a wine full of plum, spice and pepper that goes well with beef, veal and lamb, or makes that perfect accompaniment to mild or full flavoured cheese. Cellared carefully it will develop complexity until 2027.  Wine Companion gives 92 points.

Harvest: 20 March
Average bunch weight: 60.6 grams
Baumé: 13.9o
pH: 3.79
T/a: 6.3
Alcohol: 14.6% v/v
Bottled: August 2013.
Cellar: Until 2027 with care
Goes with: mild and full flavoured cheese, veal, beef and lamb

2010 Single Vineyard Shiraz

Our first vintage of this wine, it was a harvest us grapegrowers dream about.  Perfectly timed on 15 March, the lead up was mild and dry, so the fully ripened fruit was picked at just 13.8 baume (sugar).  But despite that lower baume, this is no shrinking violet.  Full of tannin and longevity it was aged for 12 months on a mix of old and new French and American oak.  The result is smooth food wine, full of toasted vanilla, offset against pepper notes.  We expect this to be drinking at its optimum around 2018.  Wine Companion gives 93 points.

Harvest: 15 March
Average bunch weight: 70.5 grams
Baumé: 13.8o
pH: 3.80
T/a: 6.5
Alcohol: 14.5% v/v
Bottled: March 2011.
Cellar: Until 2030 with care
Goes with: Steak and other beef cuts, veal cutlets.