Our vineyards


The Bourke & Travers property spans four typically steep western Clare stony ridges and gullies between Sevenhill and Armagh. The land undulates between 405-473m above sea level, the altitude drawing important cooling southerly evening gully breezes from Skillogalee and Penwortham during the ripening period.

The seismic soils on the property are among the oldest vineyard soils in the world. The three vineyards are planted on a mix of naturally sodic and acidic soils, which comprise:

  • Shiraz (Hill Block 41). Planted in 1998 on sandy loam over red clay on quartzite ridges and terra rossa [sandy loam over limestone] (458-465m above sea level);
  • Mourv√®dre (House Block 40A). Planted in 2016 on loam over red clay on siltstone gravel (422-426m above sea level); and
  • Grenache (Bush Block 40B). Planted in 2021 on sandy loam over red clays, limestone and quartzite bedrock and rock fragments (427-447m).

Distinct micro-terroirs and altitudes allow us to hand pick and ferment specific parcels from within the three vineyards.