Our story

Bourke & Travers began in 1996 when David Travers purchased 44 hectares of land in the north western Clare Valley, between Sevenhill and Armagh, and began planting it to Rhone-style varietals. He planted 4 hectares of Shiraz in 1998, 0.7 hectares of Mourvèdre in 2016 and 1 hectare of bushvine Grenache in 2021. He is passionate about farming and continues to grow fruit for other wine companies. Our shiraz has been in Penfolds St Henri, Penfolds 389, Leasingham Classic Clare and Kilikanoon Oracle. Our philosophy is quite simple – grow the best possible fruit in the vineyard and don't over complicate it in the winery.

Our approach (which is minimalist and sustainable) means not using herbicides, pesticides or insecticides in our vineyards. We use what is called integrated pest management (or IPM) where good bugs are encouraged to eat bad bugs. We occasionally use organic fungicides, but only when required.

We took this minimalist philosophy into the winery when we began making wine in 2010. This means hand picking, whole bunch, foot stomping, gentle de-stemming, natural yeast, small open top fermenters, hand plunging and basket pressing are among the tools and techniques we deploy.